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Project: Fankou lead-zinc mine

Cooperation Unit: Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. Fankou Lead-Zinc Mine

Introduction: Fankou lead-zinc mine was established in 1958 and put into production in 1968. The original ore is of high grade and large reserves. It mainly contains lead, zinc and silver ore, which is also rich in rare metals such as gallium and germanium. It is one of the deepest mining deposits in domestic metal mines, and it is also the mine with the largest single lead-zinc production capacity in Asia. It currently processes 5,500 tons of lead-zinc ore per day and produces 180,000 tons of lead-zinc metal per year.

Product Supply: R25 drill bits, R32 drill bits, R32 MF drill rod, R32 shank adapters, T38 shank adapters, etc.

Supply Time: From March 2016 to present

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