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Tunnel Boring Machine Disc Cutter Ring
TCI Disc Cutter Ring
TBM Disc Cutter Ring
Disc Cutter Ring
Tunnel Boring Machine Disc Cutter Ring
TCI Disc Cutter Ring
TBM Disc Cutter Ring
Disc Cutter Ring

Disc Cutter Ring

Litian continues to carry out research and development in key fields such as materials, heat treatment process and manufacturing process, and at the same time carry out a large number of on-site tests and improvements in complex and difficult rock conditions. On the basis of maintaining good toughness of disc cutter ring, the wear-resisting life of the cutter ring is greatly improved, which has become the first choice for TBM hard rock excavation.


Regular Specification of Disc Cutter Ring

Litian provides a series of specifications and performance disc cutter rings to meet the requirements of various geological applications and to allow the cutters to give full play to their best performance. We have conducted in-depth research on the material of the cutter ring and processed it with different strengths, so that the hardness of the cutting blades reaches HRC60, and the service life is increased by 30%~50%.


12 inch (305mm)

15.5 inch (394mm)

17 inch (432mm)

18 inch (457mm)

19 inch (483mm)

20 inch (508mm)

Whole Cutter Weight







Application Range

(Cross-section Diameter)







Cutter Rings Types

Optional Cutter Rings


Standard Cutter Ring

Standard Cutter Ring

Standard disc cutter ring is suitable for drilling 50~150Mpa conglomerate, marble, sandstone, and limestone formations.

Hard Facing Disc Cuttter Ring

Anti-wear Cutter Ring

Anti-wear cutter ring is suitable for excavation of 40Mpa compact strata, and 80~100Mpa fracture conglomerate, sandstone, sand clay, and other strata.

 Heavy Duty Cutter Ring

HD Cutter Ring

Heavy duty disc cutter ring is suitable for tunneling 120~250Mpa hard rock, and 80~150Mpa high-wear rock strata, such as granite, diorite, porphyry, serpentine, and basalt.

Carbide Insert Cutter Ring

TCI Cutter Ring

Tungsten carbide inserts disc cutter ring is suitable for excavation of granite, basalt, porphyry, and quartzite strata up to 150~250Mpa.


Cutter Ring Blade Shapes

Cutter Ring Blade Shapes


Flat Blade Cutter Ring

Flat Blade Cutter Ring



Mainly used for standard cutter rings, suitable for rocks with low uniaxial compressive strength. 


Arc Blade Cutter Ring

Arc Blade Cutter Ring

The effect of breaking hard rock is better, and it is mostly used for heavy-duty cutter rings, suitable for hard rock with higher strength.

Chisel Blade Cutter Ring

Chisel Blade Cutter Ring

The effect of breaking hard rock is good, and it is mostly used for heavy-duty cutter rings, suitable for hard rock with high strength.

We can recommend disc cutter rings of different designs and production processes according to the rock working conditions and the arrangement of cutter heads to better meet customer needs.

Disc Cutter Ring Manufacturing Technique

Cutter Ring Material

Litian disc cutter ring is made of high-quality mold steel, containing CR, MO, V, NI, and other alloy elements. It has high wear resistance, good impact resistance, good hardenability, and strong hardness, which can make the whole disc cutter has strong physical and mechanical properties. We have combined the characteristics of various rock conditions in each project to develop standard cutter rings and heavy-duty cutter ring materials. Using refining outside the furnace and electroslag remelting smelting process to reduce the content of harmful substances sulphur and phosphorus, and improve the performance of the material.

Forging technology

We use the ring forging process (rolling forming) to ensure that the tissue fibers become continuous streamlines, improving the strength and wear resistance of the material, while the ordinary die forging metal tissue fiber streamlines are discontinuous, prone to chipping and breaking.

Heat treatment technology

We use vacuum furnaces imported from Germany for heat treatment to avoid carbon precipitation on the surface. The reasonable heat treatment process makes the crystal grains fine, and the fine spherical alloy carbides are evenly distributed.

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