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TBM Cutter

TBM Cutter

Tunnel boring machine cutters, referred to as "TBM Cutters", are excavation tools installed on the cutter heads of tunnel boring machines and shield machines, which conclude TBM disc cutters (single disc cutter, double disc cutter, twin disc cutter) and soft ground cutters (eg. scrapers, cutting knives, buckets, rippers and other cutting tools). This type of disc cutters and soft rock cutters can also be used on pipe jacking machines and other similar equipment.

Litian has been focusing on the development of TBM cutters and solutions suitable for various rock conditions, and we have made remarkable achievements in helping users improve tunneling efficiency and reduce overall costs. Litian has now developed into the largest supplier of TBM disc cutters in China.

TBM Cutters Overview

 TBM Cutters


Mold Steel + Tungsten carbide


City subway tunnels, Diversion tunnels, Railway tunnels, Cable tunnels, etc.

Applicable Equipment

Tunnel boring machine, Shield machine, Pipe jacking machine, etc.

Applicable Brand

Herrenknecht, Wirth, Dcmag, Robbins, Jarva, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi, IHI, Komatsu, Lovat, STEC, CRCHI, CREG, etc



TBM Disc Cutters

Other Names

TBM bits, TCI disc cutters, TBM disc roller cutters, TBM roller cutters, MTBM disc cutters

Cutter Type

Single disc cutter, Double disc cutter, Triple disc cutter, Twin disc cutter, Triplet disc cutter

Cutter Type (by  position)

Face cutter, Gauge cutter, Center disc cutter

Cutter Structure

Assembly / Monoblock


6" ~ 20" (150mm ~ 508mm)

Soft Ground Cutter

Cutter Type

Scrapers, Cutting knives, Buckets, Rippers, etc.


As required

Tbm Cutters Overview

Litian: Your TBM Excavation Expert

Litian can provide TBM cutters and shield cutters suitable for various tunnel excavations and underground works. We can provide optimal configurations of TBM cutters according to different geological characteristics, allowing users to achieve a better balance between cost and efficiency. We have a complete technical team of TBM cutter developing, design, manufacturing, assembly, debugging, maintenance and renovation, and be able to provide equipment selection consulting, independent design, development, manufacturing and professional after-sales service. our testing and manufacturing level has been among the world's advanced ranks. 

Product Superiority

  • Litian is committed to reducing customer procurement and operating costs, and helping customers improve tunnel boring machine tunneling efficiency. Litian cutters are cost-effective, which can reduce the number of cutter changes and increase the effective tunneling time under the same working conditions. The cutter price is about 30% lower than that of foreign equivalent products, and the life is similar to that of foreign first-class manufacturers, and even exceeds. 

  • Litian attaches great importance to the combination of R&D and field testing, and continuously optimizes the TBM cutter design to improve its efficiency in cutting rocks. We have successively obtained 16 national patents.

  • Litian has a professional team of application experts, which can design and adjust the specification parameters of cutting tools according to different machines and different rock working conditions, so as to best adapt to the customer's on-site construction requirements, and to select the most suitable cutters for the customer's work conditional.

  • Litian has an experienced after-sales team that can provide cutter assembly, debugging, testing, replacement, maintenance, training and other services, as well as a full range of accessory spare parts, and on-site cutter maintenance workshop.

  • Litian has the ability and experience to provide customers with a full range of services in the way of excavation quantity contracting. While helping users to significantly reduce the comprehensive tunneling cost, it also significantly improves the tunneling efficiency and escorts users for TBM tunneling.

Strive To Be Your First Choice

Litian has successively provided TBM cutters and services for various TBM equipment at home and abroad, such as CRCHI and CSSC from China, Herrenknecht and Wirth from Germany, Robbins from the United States, Lovat from Canada, Kawasaki and Hitachi from Japan, etc. Over the years, Litian has accumulated rich experience in design, manufacturing, application, maintenance, and service. 

Litian TBM cutters are being widely recognized by more and more users, and have become the first choice for many customers to deal with hard rock and complex rock excavation.

FAQs of Litian TBM cutter

FAQs of Litian TBM cutter

What kind of machines can TBM cutters be used to?

Litian TBM cutters can be used on Microtunnelling Machine (MTBM), Earth Pressure Balance Shields (EPB Shield), Mixshield, Single Shield TBM, Double Shield TBM, Gripper TBM, Multi-mode TBM, Pipe Jacking Machine, Shaft Boring Extension Machine (SBE), Shaft Boring Machine (SBM)..., with a cutter head diameter ranging from 0.8m-15m.

What's your package for TBM cutters?

TBM cutter packaging: Cutters are packed in a solid plywood box, which complies with national packaging regulations. It meets the needs of transportation, handling, moisture-proof, rain-proof, and rust-proof. It can ensure that the goods arrive at the site in a safe and non-destructive manner.

Can you provide TBM Cutter Consumption Estimation for project? And what information do you need?

We can estimate the TBM cutter consumption based on the TBM information (such as TBM maker, type, cutter head diameter, initial dress of cutting tools, etc), 

project information (tunnel length, excavating Diameter, etc ), and geological conditions information (such as rock hardness, quartz content, massiveness of rock mass, fissure coefficient, etc).

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