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Technical Exchange|Shiyan TBM Cutters Special Training Conference

On October 12, 2021, the training specialists of Litian TBM cutters Service Department carried out special training on the basic knowledge of TBM cutter head, the steps of dismantling, mounting, cutter checking, hob assembly in Shiyan third bid section project. Mr. He of CRCHI, Chief Engineer Zheng Shuang, the cutter service team, and the main driver of TBM participated in the meeting.


Litian TBM Cutters Training

TBM Cutters On Site

Such systematic training with strong guidance, pertinence and operability enable the project department workers to have a deeper understanding of TBM disc cutter disassembly, which can effectively improve the safety and service life of disc cutters, and minimize the construction period and investment for the project.


After the meeting, Li Guoliang from the Litian service department collected materials on-site, made simple tools for removing and installing TBM cutters, and conducted demonstrations.

TBM Cuttes Assembly Tools