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Rock Drilling Bits Classification

1. Rock Drill Bit Types

(1). Button Drill Bit

Button drill bit is suitable for dry and wet drilling of medium hard and hard rocks. It is mainly used in all kinds of mining, transportation, water conservancy, roadway, tunnel excavation, quarrying and rock breaking engineering of municipal construction.

(2). Chisel Drill Bit

Chisel rock drill bit is suitable for light rock drills, drilling rock holes with a diameter of less than 50mm, and is suitable for rocks with low hardness. This bit is widely used in various mines such as coal mine, iron ore, gold mine, copper mine and lead-zinc mine, as well as tunnel excavation in railway, highway and water conservancy construction. Chisel Bit has mature technology, adopts high-quality steel and alloy, has high toughness and high wear resistance, high production efficiency and low cost.

(3). Cross Drill bit

Cross rock drill bit is suitable for high-power rock drill, which can drill into complex rock strata such as rock cracks. It has strong radial wear resistance. The cross bit also adopts mature technology, high-quality steel and alloy, has strong radial wear resistance, maintains high production efficiency and can control the cost.

(4). Three-edge Drill Bit

Three-edge rock drill bit is suitable for high-power rock drill. It has strong drilling ability and is suitable for high hardness and complex rocks. It is widely used in highway, railway, water conservancy construction tunnels, coal mine, iron mine, gold mine and other mining excavation.

(5). Horseshoe Drill Bit

Horseshoe rock drill bit is suitable for all kinds of steel plants, blast furnace and ladle. Its main characteristics are fast opening speed and easy to control the depth and angle of channel and iron hole. The maintenance of iron hole mud bag is simple and saves manpower.

2. How to Choose Rock Drill Bits

When selecting the rock drill bit, it shall be selected according to the type, performance, rock hardness and toughness of the drill bit. Generally, the chisel rock drill bit shall be selected when there is no crack in the rock; Cross rock drill bit and three-edge bit can be widely used in various rocks, especially in hard and extremely hard rocks with high abrasive cracks; The button drill bit is suitable for all kinds of rocks except high abrasive rocks.

(1). When drilling, due to the cutter feeding too fast, grinding or drilling cold and hot may cause the phenomenon of bit fracture or sudden stop;

(2). When drilling, the air volume of the rock drill shall be reduced to reduce the damage to the drill bit caused by high stress of cemented carbide parts.