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Be Entrusted With A Mission At Fuzhou Metro Express Line

In early March 2021, we received a notice from the Fuzhou Metro Binhai Express project, requiring the supply of 30 pieces of disc cutters within one month. After emergency overtime production and multi-party coordination, we quickly completed the TBM rock cutting tools stock and sent them to the construction site.

Project situation

The construction geological conditions of the project are complex, the tunnel rock is mainly slightly weathered tuff, the rock hardness is high, and the compressive strength is 120~150Mpa.

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Prior to this, there were two TBM cutting tools suppliers on the site, and their disc cutters produced serious partial wear. The project department entrusts a third party to carry out cutter maintenance, but the wear is still serious after going online. After contacting our company, we initially supplied 30 pcs of disc cutters, and the effect was good after use, and there was no partial wear. For the reaming cutter position, the project department requires all the new cutters to be used. In the on-site construction, our gauge cutters on reaming cutter position can reach 50 rings, 90 meters, with an average of 1.8 meters per ring. Immediately, the project department handed over the on-site disc cutters to our company for maintenance, and after maintenance and use, the feedback effect was good.

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During the initial maintenance of the disc cutters, the on-site temperature was 35℃, and the maintenance workshop was close to 45℃. In addition, it often rained, the air was humid, and the on-site conditions were very difficult. This situation was not alleviated until we entered the mobile maintenance cutter shop. In order to ensure the progress of the project department, our maintenance staff had overcome many difficulties encountered in weather, site, equipment and so on, and won the trust of customers with firm belief, excellent technology, high dedication and sense of responsibility. We have established a good brand image of Litian Heavy Industry with high-quality products and services.