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Chongqing Tunnel Underground Pipe Network Project

Rock Tools Application

Project Name: Chongqing Tunnel Underground Pipe Network Project

Cooperation unit: China Railway Tunnel Group One Co., Ltd.

Project introduction:

1.5 km underground pipe network tunnel.

The project geology is sandy mudstone, sandstone, interbedded sandy mudstone, and plain fill. The groundwater is widely distributed, with no hydraulic connection in a large range, the water volume is slightly larger, and it is dynamic and stable; sandstone is a weakly permeable layer.

Cooperation Mode: Provide new TBM disc cutters and repair the old ones (12 inches)

Customer evaluation: In the process of using Litian TBM cutters, there is no abnormal damage such as partial grinding, cutter ring fracture, etc. The cutters have excellent wear resistance and stable performance in the sandstone formation. Litian cutting tool is trustworthy!

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