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Qingdao Metro Line 2

Metro Rock Tools

Project: Qingdao Metro Line 2

Cooperation unit: China Railway 18th Bureau

Project Introduction: The total length of this project is 941 meters. The tunnel boring machine starts from Hai'an Road Station, passes through Haichuan Road Station, Haiyou Road Station, and Maidao Station, and finally dismantles and hangs out at Kaohsiung Road Station.

Because the geological conditions of the Qingdao subway are mainly slightly weathered granite strata, the rock has strong hardness and high quartz content. Therefore, it is specially designed and targeted to use TBM for construction. Qingdao Metro applied the TBM construction method for the first time.   

Products and Services Supply: 19" TBM disc cutter, on-site maintenance service

Application effect: The continuity of this section has achieved the highest daily footage of 22.5 meters and the highest monthly footage of 350 meters.

Litian TBM Disc Cutter Cutter For Boring Tunnelling Tool Project

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