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Shenzhen North Ring Cable Tunnel

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Project: Shenzhen North Ring Cable Tunnel 

Cooperation unit: TBM Branch of China Railway Tunnel Bureau

Project introduction: 5 kilometers underground tunnel.

The upper layer is soft and the lower layer is hard. The upper part of the interval is hard plastic clay and residual soil, the lower part is strongly weathered granite, and the lithology of the tunnel section is quite different. There is a 60m-long bedrock protrusion in the interval, and the bottom protrusion is medium and slightly weathered granite. The uniaxial compressive strength of micro-weathered granite rock is up to 120Mpa, the rock is very hard and extremely difficult to break.

Cooperation Mode: provide new TBM disc cutters and repair the old ones (15.5 inches)

Customer evaluation: Litian TBM cutters have no abnormal damage such as eccentric wear and cutter ring breakage during the use of the project. The disc cutter has good quality and stable performance. It shows good wear resistance during the high-strength granite tunneling process. The new TBM cutters of the whole disk have a single excavation of more than 1060 meters, and part of the cutters can still be used for the second excavation, which greatly improves the work efficiency of the project and saves costs for the procurement of project tools.

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