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West Qinling Tunnel of Lanyu Railway

Tunnel Boring Machine Project

Project Name: West Qinling Tunnel of Lanyu Railway

Cooperation Unit: China Railway 18th Bureau

Introduction: The West Qinling Tunnel of Lan-Yu Railway, with a length of 28,236 meters, is the second longest railway tunnel in China. The tunnel is located in Wudu District, Longnan City, Gansu Province. The tunnel is a double-hole single-line tunnel, which was constructed by China Tunnel Group and China Railway 18th Bureau using two tunnel boring machines and the methods of drilling and blasting.

The tunnel's natural conditions for entering the tunnel are harsh, and with long sections of class V and Class IV surrounding rocks. Adopting Litian 19inch disc cutters, maintenance services and technical support, the frequency of tool changes are reduced and the speed of tool change and the efficiency of the tunnel boring machines are improved, which ensure the completion of the entire project.

Products and Services Supply: TBM disc cutters 19inch, soft ground cutters, on-site cutters repair and technical support

Application Effect: In the practice of tunneling, Litian TBM disc cutters beat the imported ones, showing amazing hard rock tunneling ability.

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